Tampines Caltex BMW driver tracked & trolled by Internet people

What has online vigilantism wrought?

By Joshua Lee | April 17, 2018

On the receiving end of some tough Internet loving is the BMW driver who refused to pay the full price for a full tank of fuel at Caltex Tampines recently.

In a span of three days, since April 14 — the day the incident happened — online vigilantes have managed to find the BMW driver’s personal information via Google search and publicly accessible portals.

These info include:

  1. His road tax details
  2. His usual parking spots
  3. The company he works at
  4. His Linkedin profile
  5. His name card
  6. Photos of his family, including his child
  7. His mobile number
Caltex BMW tracked.
Details of traffic ticket, and usual parking spots are available online.
Linkedin account.
Road Tax details.
His name card is also circulating online.

Pranked by Singaporeans

And with all these information online, Singaporeans have taken things from the online realm to the offline realm, as some have allegedly taken it upon themselves to have a little bit of fun at the expense of the BMW driver.

Via Facebook.
Via Facebook.
Name card with such prank messages can be found on Facebook.

On leave

According to screen shots of auto email replies from the BMW driver’s account, he is now apparently on leave because of the intense heat he is facing from the public.

He has since made a police report and is also exploring legal options against defamation and harassment.

SMDN: Caltex Tampines BMW driver made police report, said pump attendant had poor attitude

The issue, at least according to the police, is resolved as it stemmed from miscommunication between the BMW driver and the attendant.

On the other hand, Caltex has assured the public that the elderly pump attendant will not have to foot the bill for the full tank of fuel.

Elderly pump attendant won’t have to bear cost of fuel from BMW driver who paid S$10: Caltex S’pore

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