Toddler accidentally disables iPhone for almost 48 years. This is how you unlock it.

Some netizens say it can become a family heirloom.

By Kayla Wong | March 8, 2018

A 2-year-old toddler in Shanghai, China, accidentally disabled his mum’s iPhone for almost 48 years after repeatedly keying in the wrong passcode.

The news has since gone viral on popular Chinese microblogging platform Weibo.

Phone given to toddler whenever he cries

According to Kankan News, the mum said that she has always given her phone to her toddler to watch cartoons or play mini games whenever he cries.

On the day the incident happened, she had left home without her phone.

And when her son cried, her elderly family member passed her phone to him.

Apparently, he had only keyed in the wrong passcode a total of 6 times before it got disabled.

What greeted the mum when she came back home was the message on the phone screen saying that the phone has been disabled for 25 million mins.

And 25,113,676 mins means a total of 47.78 years.

The mum was quoted as saying that she can’t possibly wait for 47 years and tell her grandchild it was his father’s mistake.

She had waited for 2 months to see if the phone’d miraculously unlock on its own, but to no avail.

Safety precaution

According to a phone technician who was interviewed in the video, disabling of the iPhone when the wrong passcode was keyed in too many times is a safety feature that prevents the phone owner’s data from being leaked should the phone be lost.

Chinese netizens had a good laugh

Thinking of the future generations

Screenshot via Weibo

Translation: 44 years later, you’re lying weakly on your deathbed, surrounded by all your children and grandchildren. Your hand trembled as you struggled to pass something to your grandson (or granddaughter): “Gramps doesn’t have much left for you, but this iPhone can be used after just 5 more mins.

Possible family heirloom

Screenshot via Weibo

Translation: This is awesome. Just leave it as it is, it’s a family heirloom.

Scenario planning

Screenshot via Weibo

Translation: It’ll be really embarrassing if a bunch of Japanese porn was revealed after 40 years.

Moral police

Screenshot via Weibo

Translation: Shouldn’t have given your child a phone to play with.

Reseting your disabled iPhone to use it again

If the same thing happens to you, fret not, you can reset your phone by yourself using either iTunes or recovery mode to use it again.

Alternatively, you can always go to your nearest Apple store and ask the staff to help you do it.

But unless you made a backup before your phone was disabled, there’s no way to save your phone’s data.

This is because reseting your phone means deleting all of your data and settings.

But that’s better than having to wait almost 48 years to use it again, right?

You can watch the video of the mum’s interview with Pear Video here:

Top image via Weibo

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