Youth throws bolster off HDB corridor after being turned away by resident

So paggro.

Fasiha Nazren | March 9, 2018 @ 02:07 pm

In a country as safe and peaceful as Singapore, many households don’t find it a need to install surveillance cameras.

But it is a good precaution to take, especially when there have been cases of food-splashing loansharks, lingerie thieves and now, a bolster thrower.

Throws bolster off the corridor

On March 8, Facebook user Fazreen Sallim uploaded a video footage from his door’s security camera.

A group of youths came by his house, asking if they could have a few minutes of the resident’s time.

However, after a short conversation with the resident, one of the youths took a bolster belonging to the homeowner’s baby from the drying rack outside of Fazreen’s house and threw it off the ledge of the corridor.

But why?

Apparently, it seems like one of the boys didn’t seem too happy after being unable to engage with the resident.

Here’s a rough transcript of the conversation before the youth decided to throw the bolster.

Youth: Hello, sorry do you have a few minutes?

Resident: [illegible words] Sorry.

[youths walk away]

Youth: Never mind, I also got things to do.

Alleged door-to-door donation drive

According to one of the comments on the video, one Suhaili Shikemi Funke shared that the same group of boys went to her place a week ago, claiming that they were from a local polytechnic.

Suhaili said that they showed her a form from the school and claimed that they had to collect donations to “gather some points” because “they failed their GPA”.

“OMG!!!! These boys actually came to my place a week ago saying they are from Nanyang or Ngee Ann Poly and they are doing charity work! They showed me a form that the school gave and said any amount of donation would be OK. They said they failed their GPA and had to do this to gather some points! They even showed me the cash that the residents actually donated! Bunch of scumbags!!!”

However, Suhaili had some suspicions of her own.

“Actually I had my doubts when I asked them what proof do I get to show that I’ve donated and they said their school would contact me. Only after they left and I attended to my baby I realised how is the school supposed to contact me? HAHAHAHAHHHH”

Permit required for fund-raising

While we’re unsure of the legitimacy of the school donation drive, a quick check online shows that under the House to House and Street Collections (HHSC) Act, a permit is required if one promotes a collection of appealing to public and this includes visits from house to house.

The application for the permit can only be done via the National Council of Social Service and the Singapore Police Force.

Top image screenshot via Fazreen Sallim’s Facebook page

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