S’poreans angry with Owndays for ending Insta-likes-for-discount promotion early

Very, very angry.

By Mandy How | March 9, 2018

#OWNDAYSfollowerdiscount campaign discountinued

You may have heard of a marketing campaign by eyewear brand OWNDAYS, where a post on Instagram can get you a product discount based on the number of likes and followers you have.

The post has to include OWNDAYS’ branding, naturally. This is one example:

Each follower will take S$0.05 off your bill, while each like on the post translates to S$0.50 off.

This means that customers with a large enough following can get a pair of eyewear for free.

The campaign was slated to run from Mar. 1 — 31.

However, on Mar. 8, OWNDAYS put up an announcement on its Facebook page that the promotion has ended early due to “overwhelming response”:

In case you can’t see it:

Singaporeans very angry

Singaporeans, however, have not taken too kindly to the end of the promotion.

Some took a problem with the fact that OWNDAYS did not have a “while stocks last” disclaimer, making the abrupt end of the promotion problematic:

While at least one other was griping that the retail brand did not give prior warning:

One guy even wanted to check with the authorities:

Management rights

However, according to a staff who ranted online, the management did state (on their official site) that they have the right to end any promotion without prior notice:

However, we could not find the disclaimer on the company’s T&C page.

Entitled Singaporeans

Other Singaporeans have called out those who are outraged, mainly for their entitled behaviour:

One even explained how customers had abused the system, which defeated the purpose of the campaign: 

What a hoo-ha.

Top image from OWNDAYS’ Facebook page.

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