Angler caught throwing stones at Punggol Marina otters

The unprovoked attack was caught on camera.

By Zhangxin Zheng | February 25, 2018

An angler was caught on video throwing stones at otters on Saturday, Feb. 24 at around 6.30pm.

The incident is believed to have taken place near Marina Country Club in Punggol.


As seen in the video, a few otters were hovering curiously close to the edge of the waters with a beach embankment, showing no obvious signs of aggression.

The man in red then put down his fishing rod, picked up some stones from the ground and hurled it at the otter family.

According to a witness who was present, the other man who was standing beside the man in red apparently noticed there were people filming and requested him to stop subsequently.

Punggol Marina otters

The Punggol Marina otters are a lesser-known family of otters.

They are also physically smaller compared to the bigger Bishan and Marina otter families.

As the family is considerably weaker in strength, the Punggol Marina otters have been seeking refuge in the Punggol area to avoid conflict with the other bigger otter families.

Otters seeking refuge understands that this particular family has nowhere else to go except the Punggol area and the pups are likely suffering from malnutrition, according to an otter enthusiast Jeff Teo.

The otter pups are small for their four- to five-month age.

Prior to this incident, the adult otters were already wounded from a recent fight with the Lorong Halus otters.

They have visible scars on them.

OtterWatch, an otter-watching group, has put up an appeal for the man in red to turn himself in to the authorities.

In October 2015, a man turned himself in after he was seen hooking a otter pup:

Angler who hooked otter pup has turned himself in to police, assisting with investigations

Top photo collage from OtterWatch video

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