Tokyo-based photographer’s pictures of S’pore make us look like a futuristic sci-fi city


By Mandy How | January 11, 2018

Shots of our city skyline — especially the Marina Bay area — are common enough on Instagram.

However, a Tokyo-based photographer (Instagram user @kohki) who travelled to Singapore managed to unveil a whole new perspective on our over-hyped tourist spot by making it look like a city out of a science-fiction film:

In case you can’t see it, here’s a full photo:

This was found and posted to Facebook by someone who didn’t know its source, who in turn found it in an unknown Reddit thread.

Also photographed interesting buildings here

Kohki, who has been plying the photography trade for a short two years, said in an interview that he strives to share his experiences of the world with everyone and looks out specifically for unique scenes and images:

“I try to capture things that not many would. I will try to shoot at locations no one has shot at… I love sharing my experiences and the memories, so I do try to edit my photos to how I saw it and experienced it.”

He adds that he has plenty to work on and learn still, but when asked, he said he likes his photographs to be as “clean” as possible:

“…if anything I want my style to be clean. When I say clean, I mean how I saw it and experienced it. I just don’t like it when people put milky ways and huge moons in photoshop.”

He also has some other photos of atypical architecture in Singapore.

This is The Interlace condominium, where 31 apartment blocks are stacked in a seemingly haphazard manner to the outsider: 

And the Pearl Bank Apartments built in 1976, with a curved building resembling a horseshoe that was considered noteworthy then:

And one of The Hive, a building of tutorial rooms in Nanyang Technological University’s school of Humanities and Social Sciences — which, to be fair, is a regular in many photographers’ repertoire:

He also takes some evocative shots in his hometown of Japan as well:

You can check out more of his work here.

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Top image adapted from @kohki on Instagram. 

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