Channel 8 starlet Carrie Wong starts drama, says she’s ‘not close’ to pal Julie Tan

Sorry. Should be ex-pal.

Tan Xing Qi | January 13, 2018 @ 03:19 pm

In what is a timely and entertaining twist to boost Channel 8‘s ailing popularity, starlet Carrie Wong pulled the oldest trick out of the celebrity handbook.

She said she’s not close to actress Julie Tan, who is currently furthering her career in China, in an interview with Channel 8 news.

In case you are not familiar with both actresses, here are some pictures.

Carrie Wong, 24

Julie Tan, 26

Source: Julie Tan’s Instagram

And here’s both of them in happier times, three years ago.

TL;DW it was the first time that they won the Top 10 Most Popular Actresses award and they made a pact to win 10 so that they can ascend to the altar. (Those who win 10 will officially stop the popularity contest BS as they will be accorded the demigod title of Superstar and thus altar).

Back to the catfight, when Wong was asked about her upcoming sabbatical and whether she would want to follow Tan’s footsteps, who left Mediacorp for greener pastures overseas, Carrie Wong did a Fann Wong.

“It’s inconvenient to say but I’m just not close to her. Actually I feel that there’s no need to talk about things that have happened. There weren’t any clashes but I feel that it’s all about fate. If there’s fate, there’s fate. It’s okay if there’s none. (The lack of) fate isn’t anyone’s fault.”

“I feel that it’s good as long as everyone is doing well now. I haven’t contacted her for a long time, so I’m not sure how she’s been doing recently.”

Funnily, Tan left after failing to win a Most Popular Actress award at the Star Awards last year.

Not sure what happened in the three years but Channel 8 news reported that they used to post friendly photos on their Instagram but not anymore.

In fact, they might have wiped clean of each other’s existence on their respective Instagram accounts — the ultimate new-fangled way of saying, “You are nothing to me”.

Such is the severity of the disintegration of friendship. SMH.

Not the first time such plot twists were introduced

If you are old enough, you’d probably remember the Zoe Tay/ Fann Wong rivalry.

Wong famously said: “We are just colleagues, not friends.”

And what followed the Tay/ Wong rivalry was years of emptiness and heartland dramas that made plebeians like us more miserable with our HDB lives.

Upon hearing the sound of our souls being crushed slowly, Channel 8 duly gave us some bitchiness when Rui do-you-know-who-i-am En threw shade at Jeanette Aw in 2015.

And now this.

More please, Channel 8.

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