CNB’s day-in-the-life FB & Instagram posts are the shot in the arm we all need

Definitely one of our best discoveries of the year.

Sulaiman Daud | December 25, 2017 @ 10:30 am

Singapore’s Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) might not necessarily be the first agency that comes to mind when we think of high art.

But their recent social media posts might have achieved it — or at the very least, come dangerously close.

It all began on Dec. 3, where we saw a mysterious sneak peek video on their Instagram and the intriguing hashtag #CNB247:

Luke’s life

And with that, Investigation Officer “Luke” (no last name given) began to share snippets of life behind the scenes at the CNB, both on Instagram and Facebook.

Check out this #flatlay, for instance, complete with artistically-placed fashion accessories (tie, watch) and part of a plant at one corner:

Screen shot from CNB’s Instagram page.

And this one, pure poetry:

This post is particularly thrilling — you see part of a person, handcuffed to a bench, and it even has a tempting “Sound on” teaser.

#CNB247 13:36hrs Sound on. Turn up the volume

A post shared by CNB Drug Free SG (@cnb.drugfreesg) on

Plus, in the likely event you’re not sure what that means, he clarifies — “Turn on the volume”.

And now, an intriguing demonstration of the latest technology at the Bureau — you should also turn up the sound for this one:

As you can see, at least one member of the public agrees:

Screen shot from CNB’s Facebook.

Now this is one of our favourites — definitely watch to the end:

Screen shots from CNB’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

And from this post, we are certain Luke is a lover of literature, effectively extrapolating symbolism from the most random-looking of places:

His latest post reflects deeply on the judgment calls CNB officers must make in the course of duty.


James the first

But Luke is not the first CNB guy to open up and share himself with the world.

Back in September, his colleague James (again, no last name given) did the same thing.

Screen shot from CNB’s Instagram page.

James seemed more easy-going though, sharing slightly more regular day-in-the-life stuff, like pictures of his dinner.

#CNB247 00:17hrs Finally our team can have a proper meal. I mean…a feast 😋

A post shared by CNB Drug Free SG (@cnb.drugfreesg) on

This exciting training post:

Even compelling scenes from a raid he took part in:

#CNB247 12:02hrs No rest on a Saturday. Got activated!

A post shared by CNB Drug Free SG (@cnb.drugfreesg) on

#CNB247 14:03hrs It's a waiting game.

A post shared by CNB Drug Free SG (@cnb.drugfreesg) on

#CNB247 17:49hrs Time for action.

A post shared by CNB Drug Free SG (@cnb.drugfreesg) on

#CNB247 18:37hrs 🚓

A post shared by CNB Drug Free SG (@cnb.drugfreesg) on

But all that, certainly a far cry from the splendiferous class act that are the social media masterpieces from his colleague Luke.

Is this an ongoing performance art piece by CNB? Will Luke be replaced by someone new, hopefully a female officer named Rey?

We don’t know, but you can bet we’re waiting to find out.

Top image from CNB’s Instagram page

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