Western people cut durians wrongly, eat unripe ones & then complain it's terrible

They literally butchered the fruit.

Mandy How| October 17, 07:04 PM

This is not just another durian taste test video we're about to show you.

People from other cultures have been doing taste tests on durians for a long time now, with reactions mostly falling on the "disgusted" end of the spectrum.

But this goes a little bit further than that.

Made by a Seattle-based media company, a new three-minute clip sees 100 people who have never tried — or even heard of — durians sample it for the first time.

But it inevitably made durian-lovers in Singapore, likely in Malaysia and anywhere else durians are a beloved fruit die a little inside, because as you will see, they were serving the fruit completely wrong.

Watch it for yourself first, and see if you spot what's wrong with it:

Right. So now that torturous experience was done, let's run you through what's wrong with it:

1) First things first — they cut it across the seeds.

Please stop these images, you beg.

Ok. Here's a picture of a properly opened durian, with the individual fruit still whole and un-mutilated (which is how it's supposed to be served):

Source: Pixabay

Facebook users were quick to catch on to the faux pas, if we may refer to it that gently:

2) The durians appear to be unripe

Durians are supposed to have soft, custard-like texture, and range from pale yellow, bright yellow, to reddish-orange.

But the durians in the video are an alarmingly pale shade of yellow that is almost white (even paler breeds like XO and D24 aren't that pale).

To be fair, however, that may be in part due to the lighting in the video, but we have our doubts that caused this:

Someone also observed that the fruit looks like 'cooked chicken breasts":


But wait. There's more.

Some users said they actually heard crunching sounds when the taste-testers were eating the durians (?!):



All images screenshot from video unless otherwise stated.