Mao Shan Wang Cafe in Chinatown serves nuggets with durian

This is heaven for all durian lovers.

Fasiha Nazren| October 04, 01:40 PM

If Singapore had to choose a national fruit, it has to be the durian.

We even have a building shaped after the pungent and thorny fruit.

That's why it is only right for there to be a cafe dedicated to the king of fruits.

More than durians

From the typical durian and cake to the unthinkable coffee and pizza, Mao Shan Wang Cafe serves everything infused with durians.

via Mao Shan Wang Cafe's Facebook page

The cafe provides sweet offerings like the Durian Strudel (S$15.80):

via Jayson Yeo's Burpple account

And also the signature Durian Ice Cream Puffs (S$15.80 for 6 pieces):

via Mao Shan Wang Cafe's Facebook page

The Mao Shan Wang Delight (S$15.80) is a bowl of Mao Shan Wang ice cream with bits of brownies, marshmallows and sliced almonds:

via Dex Neo's Burpple account

You will be spoiled with other sweet options such as the mochis which comes in two different flavours -- D24 (S$5 for 4) and Mao Shan Wang (S$8.80 for 4).

Savoury side of durians

If you're up for a challenge, go ahead and try the Black Charcoal Mao Shan Wang Durian (S$18.80):

via Mao Shan Wang's Facebook page

And if you're looking for a snack, you can get the Durian Fries (S$3.80) - french fries served with a durian dip, or the Durian Nuggets (S$6) - chicken nuggets served with a durian dip.

Tucked in a corner of the cafe, are shelves full of durian treats perfect as gifts such as Durian Kaya (S$6.80) and Durian Candy (S$8.80).

Have you reached durian nirvana yet?

Where to get it: 49 Temple Street, Singapore 058594

When to get it: Mon – Fri: 1.30pm – 10pm; Sat: 11am – 10pm; Closed on Sun

Top image via Mao Shan Wang Cafe's Facebook page and Dex Neo's Burpple account