IKEA to launch online shopping and delivery service for S'pore & Malaysia in Oct. 2017

No IKEA restaurant delivery yet, though.

Sulaiman Daud | September 18, 2017, 06:39 PM

We order our clothes, books, electronics and food online and get them delivered directly to us, so why not furniture too?

IKEA Southeast Asia's Christian Rojkjaer announced during a groundbreaking ceremony for IKEA's Penang branch that the Swedish furniture giant will be rolling out e-commerce services for customers in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Pic from IKEA.

Singapore's will be up and running "in two weeks", while Malaysia's will be introduced next year. According to Advertising + Marketing, Singapore's e-commerce service is currently in a "testing" phase, to smoothen out the kinks before release.

There are currently two IKEA stores in Singapore, one in Alexandra and the other in Tampines.


IKEA's first e-commerce site in Asia was launched in Shanghai, China, at the end of Aug. 2016. When everything's ready to go in Singapore, customers will see something like this on the website:

Screen shot from IKEA's website.

Soon you will be able to order uniquely-named Scandinavian knick-knacks and furniture sets without ever leaving your (IKEA-bought) couch.

Sadly, it looks like you can't order chicken wings, hot dogs or Swedish meatballs from their online store. Yet.

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