US cargo pilot airdropping pictures to SIA pilot flying 1,000 feet above is bogus

I can't even airdrop something to the guy sitting next to me.

By Nyi Nyi Thet | August 8, 2017

A video of a pilot apparently airdropping a video to an Singapore Airlines pilot went viral recently.

How it went

The pilot notices the plane above him.

Takes a picture of the plane.

Gets in touch with the SIA pilot on top of him.

And then airdrops the picture he took.

The SIA pilot receives it, and conveys his thanks.

Which is insanely cool, and potentially a game changer.

And some believed it purely on account of one major point of the video.


Fake news

Unfortunately, it is also fake.

SIA itself came out and debunked this video.

In their statement to International Business Times (IBTimes), they had this to say.

“Our pilot was only replying in jest to the radio message from the captain of the other flight. Photos were exchanged by email later, however.”

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