M Ravi gave 20-minute speech when he was charged in court

Prosecution requested Ravi to be remanded at IMH for two weeks.

By Belmont Lay | August 12, 2017

Non-practising lawyer M Ravi, 48, will be remanded at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) for two weeks from Saturday, Aug. 12.

He was charged in court on the same day for three incidents:

• Two counts of causing public nuisance at Sri Mariamman Temple on Jul. 31 and Aug. 11, 2017

• One count of voluntarily causing hurt to lawyer Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss on Aug. 8, 2017

• One count of causing hurt with a rash act to lawyer Nakoorsha Abdul Kadir on Aug. 8, 2017

Ravi is also facing three charges of housebreaking.

Psychiatric observation

In court on Saturday, Deputy Public Prosecutor Dillon Kok requested for Ravi to be remanded at the Institute of Mental Health for psychiatric observation as he “may be dangerous to other persons”.

District Judge Carol Ling agreed.

This prompted Ravi to make a a fiery 20-minute statement accusing the prosecution of lying about his mental health.

He also said the judge should recuse herself from the case, saying she is “not independent”.

According to The Straits Times, he said:

“I would like to make an application to the court to disqualify yourself from this case because you do not have the security of tenure under the law… You are not independent as you can be transferred to the Attorney-General’s Chambers at any time.”

Charged with criminal trespass

Ravi was previously employed as the head of knowledge management at Eugene Thuraisingam LLP, but was fired in June.

He allegedly tried to enter the firm’s People’s Park Centre branch office and was charged with criminal trespass last month.

He has been barred from applying for a practising certificate for two years since last October.

Ravi’s case will be heard again on Aug. 25.

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