Hailing bus services via an app might be a possibility soon in S’pore

It's like Uber, but for buses. Kind of.

By Joshua Lee | August 15, 2017

It seems like the Land Transport Authority (LTA) is keen to create a kind Grab/Uber system for bus services. 

tender has been called by the LTA to seek ideas on the implementation of on-demand, dynamically-routed public bus services from the transport industry.

On-demand what?

As opposed to fixed bus routes that run on a regular timetable, an on-demand, dynamically-routed bus service responds to real time demand to pick up and drop off passengers at any bus stop within a fixed operating area, via an app.


Like an Uber service. Kind of.

This system uses data analytics to better allocate buses and bus captains to areas with potentially higher demand.

Upcoming trial

LTA has identified three possible areas for this trial:

  • Joo Koon (Services 253, 255 and 257)
  • Punggol North/West (Services 84 and 382)
  • Shenton Way/Marina South (Services 400 and 402)

These areas were chosen because they experience low demand during off-peak hours. Converting them into on-demand bus services might be a better optimisation of bus resources.

Participants in the tender will also be invited to suggest proposals for on-demand, dynamically-routed night bus services to replace current fixed-route night services. 

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