Gundam kits going for as low as $2 in clearance sale at Bugis Junction department store

Going for cheap.

By Guan Zhen Tan | August 6, 2017

BHG, the department store that has been carrying model kits for Gundams since their SEIYU days, are now doing a clearance sale, with some of them going as low as $2.

Here’s their Facebook post announcing it:

Photo via BHG’s Facebook post
Photo via BHG’s Facebook post
Photo via BHG’s Facebook post
Photo via BHG’s Facebook post

Don’t expect everything to be going for $2, as there are sections ranging from that to $10, $15 to $30 and also $52 (special National Day price, possibly?).

It might be a good starting point for those who’ve always wanted to get into the hobby of putting together Gundam models but found that cost was a key obstacle.

Experienced hobbyists might want to manage your expectations, however, since it’s a clearance sale.

Nonetheless, who knows what you might find?

Top photo via BHG’s Facebook post

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