Grab passenger accused of brazenly stealing more than S$500 cash from driver’s car

It was almost happening right under the driver's nose.

Jeanette Tan |Sulaiman Daud | August 3, 2017 @ 01:43 am


There have been two armed robberies in two days in Singapore.

Perhaps sufficient time has passed since the last major crime here (prior to the aforementioned) for us to be lulled into thinking this doesn’t happen anymore, but this incident we’re going to tell you about is pushing it a bit too far.

A 100-second video uploaded to Facebook shows a male passenger in the back seat of a car in Singapore leaning forward on multiple occasions in a short stretch of time, appearing to be helping himself to things.

In this frame, the passenger can be seen talking to the driver, and providing him with directions to his destination:

Screenshot from video

He leaned very far forward on a couple of occasions, too, each time with his left arm outstretched:

Screenshot from video

It’s only when he sits back that you realise what’s actually happening — he appears to be counting wads of notes…

Screenshot from video

And stuffing them into his pocket:

Screenshot from video
Screenshot from video

In a screenshot from a WhatsApp conversation that appears to be between the driver in the video and a friend of his, the victim of the alleged theft said he drove for private hire car service Grab.

The driver explained to his friend that he had picked up the passenger at Ang Mo Kio and dropped him off at Jalan Kayu, but could not remember his name. He also said he lost three days’ worth of earnings in the alleged theft, amounting to more than S$500.

This screenshot was uploaded together with the video, a photo of the alleged thief and a screenshot of what was believed to be the passenger’s Facebook profile.

However, the Facebook user who initially posted it then took down the post after four hours on Wednesday night. It had by that point received more than 3,700 shares.

Photo via Facebook post

Here’s its translation from Malay, in sequence:

Driver: Abang Man (referring to himself in the third person) is scared/worried that he (the thief) will do this again to someone else

Good thing Abang Man had a back cam (rear view camera), if not I wouldn’t know who had taken (the cash)

Friend: How can steal people’s money like that… haiz… this kid needs to be taught a lesson. Lucky got camera that took a picture. He lives at Woodlands right? Do you remember his name?

Driver: Got (that) info only. But he started the job and I picked him up from Ang Mo Kio to Jalan Kayu.

Friend: Do you remember his name?

Driver: No, because you know for Grab the name is lost once the passenger is dropped off.

Friend: How much did he take?

Driver: The money I earned from 3 days’ work, $500++”

It’s not clear from the original post whether the driver has reported the theft of his earnings to the police yet, but we hope he will if he hasn’t already.

Based on the date stamp of the video, the alleged theft appears to have taken place on July 23, at about 5:30am.

Watch the video here, in a re-uploaded copy posted to another Facebook page:

Top image adapted from screenshot of video

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