Woman wrongly accused of being child kidnapper at Compass One reports matter to police

The person who made the accusation totally got it wrong.

Belmont Lay | July 19, 2017 @ 05:03 pm


Singaporeans who enjoy sharing unverified rumours of people trying to kidnap children in Singapore, this following Facebook post is for you:

A woman who was wrongly accused of being a child kidnapper at Sengkang’s Compass One mall, has reported the matter to the police.

On Saturday, July 15, 2017, a Facebook post was put up accusing the woman of trying to lead a child away at the ground floor of the shopping centre outside the iStudio store.

And when she supposedly failed as the child returned to the mother, she was “witnessed” to have looked disappointed but continued to loiter at the scene.

The man who wrote the post called the woman “plump”, looked “fishy” and also said she was “PRC”, meaning someone from the People’s Republic of China.

The post helpfully included a sneaky shot of the woman, with an arrow pointing at her:

However, it turned out, the entire contents of the post is completely unfounded and wrong — and a major embarrassment for the woman, because she was actually being the Good Samaritan.

According to the woman, she found a toddler alone and wanted to bring the child to the information counter after being prompted to do so by passers-by. But before she could, the child’s parent was located.

What is notable is that the incident occurred at around 1pm, and by 2.15pm, it had found its way onto Facebook.

What prompted the woman to make a police report was that her son shared a screen shot of the post accusing her of being a child kidnapper.

The woman’s police report read:

On 15/07/2017 at about 1300hrs, I was at the incident location when I noticed a female Chinese toddler aged about 3 to 4 years old, alone and crying. A few passers by then asked me to take her to the information counter. I was also concerned about her safety while assuming that she could have been lost as such I decided to take her to the counter. However as I was about to do so, a Chinese woman who was believed to be the toddler’s mother, then came out from one of the stores and shouted at the toddler by her name. A few passers by then told me that the toddler’s mother was there, as such I brought the toddler back to the mother who only asked why the toddler went away on her own but did not thank me.

ON the same day at about 1414hrs, my son received a Facebook screenshot from his friend which showed a post by an unknown Facebook user “David Voo”, stating, “To all mothers shopping Compass One, do lo ok out and beware of this lady. While I was walking ard here after work, I heard someone shouting for her kid’s name in the istudio, at first I thought is just normal mother call her child…but as she keep repeating and lo ok anxious..I was curious so follow…and at near the escalator there I saw another plump lady which indicated below…holding a little girl..I saw her walking towards back the istudio shop, the next moment the little girl was back with her mum and this lady look lost n stand there like “mission failed. I’m not sure if this lady is fishy anot..but she gives me a feeling she is. She looks like prc…and she us still roaming ard here..so please watch your kids and do not be obese to your phone’s or other things before it’s too late…”, together with a photo of me at the location with an arrow pointing towards me.

I wish to state that I did not try to kidnap the toddler and my only intention was to help her. I am therefore lodging this report to pursue this matter against above-mentioned Facebook user and to demand an apology from him.

This is the first time such an incident has happened.

The man who made the post has since apologised to the woman. He has also deleted his post.


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