Woman alleges Grab terminated her dad as driver even though it was passenger’s fault

The vicissitudes of the gig economy.

By Belmont Lay | July 15, 2017

The reality of the gig economy is that even though you are supposedly your own boss, you can still get fired.

A woman, who was pretty peeved, took to Facebook to allege that Grab had unfairly terminated her father’s service as a driver because of a passenger’s prejudiced complaint:

In the Facebook post on July 12, she claims that her father had asked the passenger to stand further away from the taxi stand as private hire cars are not allowed to use such facilities.

However, the passenger ended up scolding the driver from Novena to Tampines.

In a second post on July 13, the woman appeared to have come to terms with Grab’s termination.

She wrote that she had received multiple offers to help her father after her first post was put up:

On July 15, she put up her third post on the issue, this time calling Grab out again for not investigating the issue more thoroughly.

The woman wrote:

You can just give out any statement, claimed that its true when you are not even in the car.

We have reached out to Grab for comment and requested for their statement that had been issued, if any.


A Grab spokesperson said in response to media queries that the driver had repeated run-ins with passengers, but are unable to share those details publicly: “The driver was banned for repeated behavioural issues including passing improper remarks to passengers, despite previous warnings and temporary suspensions by Grab.”


Here are the woman’s three consecutive posts, in case you cannot see them:

July 12:

To that woman who verbally abused my dad when he picked you up the other day, cursing and swearing at him, i hope karma hits u hard one day.

That person you’re cursing and shouting at is someone’s else husband, father, grandfather..

How could u? Considering you were covered up from head to toe, shouldnt u be more kind? What did my dad do wrong to u? He was just doing his job as a grab driver, earning to feed himself and his wife.

The very fact that you were the one shouting and screaming hysterically in the cab from novena to tampines, but you are also the one who complained to GRAB just cause my dad told you to not stand at taxi stand when he is picking you up. Do you think its fair for him? He didnt even scold you. He merely asked you to stand slightly further away from the taxi stand. What? Your ass too heavy for u to budge and you gotta rant it on my dad?

And now, because of your ridiculous complaint, my dad has no job. Literally. GRAB has terminated him effect from today. Are u happy now? Satisfied? Kacau periuk nasi org yg probably are as old as your dad.

I dont forgive you, whoever you are. And i hope u will get retribution for doing this to an old man.

Damn you.


July 13:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has shared my post yesterday w regards to my dad’s termination.

A deeper thanks to the strangers whom i barely know messaging me, offering him a job at your workplace or suggesting where he can apply for one. I truly appreciate every messages that came thru. And also sharing my post to create awareness. Not to forget, those who have doa for my dad, those who gave words of encouragement as well.

The world is indeed still kind afterall. I believe there are blessings behind this painful and sad ordeal my dad has to go thru.

We are taking each day as it passes. Putting our faith in Allah. Saddens my heart to come home seeing him asleep on the couch as he was tired from returning the car and applying jobs. Usually at this timing, he w still be out there picking up passengers. Nevertheless maybe its Allah ways of letting him rest for abit. Im sure there are better plans for him.

Once again, thank you everyone. Im truly touched, didn’t expect it to be shared by 300++ people. And also, i would like to apologise to anyone that was offended w my statement ‘considering you are covered from head to toe, shouldn’t you be more kind?’.. In general, usually we look at people who don hijab to be more kind, pious and respectful,yes? But i guess i was wrong. So do forgive me should anyone was offended. I didnt meant it any other way.

Selamat hari raya semua! Here’s a pic of my beautiful awesome parents w my kids. Dont worry pa, we got your back!


July 15:

And so i guess its easier for companies like yours to shift the blame to other people, just to save your *** and further mockery by singaporeans. You can just give out any statement, claimed that its true when you are not even in the car. You are just sitting in your damn office, and not on the field ferrying all these passengers around. How do you know what its like? Do you treat all your drivers in such biasedness? Do you treat them as tho they are your servants, to comply with whatever stupid instructions that you have and if not adhere, off you go?

And when such posts bout how terrible your company is went viral, you gave that statement. Woah, come i clap for you. I dare you to come forward to me and give tt statement to my face. How is it that your passenger said all those abusive words to your driver and he has to take the blame? How is it that he was only suspended once and you claimed it was many times? Even tt one time he was suspended, it was your stupid passenger who insisted he dropped him off at the expressway, even tho my dad asked ‘are u sure cause its the expressway?’. Your dear passenger opened the door and let himself out and then complain to you. Then boom, you suspend your driver.

Your company clearly lacks empathy and staff welfare. You dont give a s*** just as long your company makes money. To you, one driver gone, 10 will join right? Your officers sitting in the office should really go out for a day and try la eh. If you think that its so easy. Ya ya customer service must tip top. You never heard ah, treat as how you want to be treated?

Remember, true that you need passengers to earn profits. But if you treat your drivers like junk, everyone boycott also you rugi liao lor. The first step to success is treating your staff right. Not like what malay pple like to say ‘angkat buah’ your passengers.

Despite all this, im really glad my dad is out. You are lucky no one ever put on social media how late your payments are to your drivers, incentives are like kacang putih n etx. I wonder what statement you want to give eh if you kena like that.

Feel free to PM me if you arent happy with my STATEMENT!


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