Toddler in China dies tragically after boy drags & leaves her inside empty lift going up

She reached the 18th floor and later fell to her death.

By Yeo Kaiqi | July 9, 2017

A CCTV footage of a 5-year-old boy leaving a 2-year-old girl in the lift before her unfortunate death has gone viral in China.

Since reports of it came out in various news accounts on microblogging site Weibo and video sharing platform Miaopai, it has since gained more than 21 million views, 35,000 comments, and 13,000 likes in total.

The girl had reportedly fallen from the 18th floor to the 2nd floor after she walked out of the lift alone.

A tragic accident that happened on July 3, 2017 in Hunan, the 1 min 15 sec video taken from raw CCTV footage showed three young children aged 2, 4 and 5 in the lift without any parental or adult guidance.

The relationship between the three young children has not been identified.

Here are some screen shots form the CCTV footage

The three kids in the lift.

Seemingly afraid, the little girl walked towards the lift door. Boy approached her, appearing to say something. Older girl stood beside them.

The little girl appeared to be intimidated by the boy as she hit the lift door repeatedly, hoping to get out.

Boy then tiptoed to press the number “18”. The number “9” was also already pressed.

Lift stopped and door opened at the 9th level.

All three kids left the lift…oh no, wait. The boy was seen on CCTV dragging the little girl back into the lift.

The lift door was closed, leaving the little girl alone inside the lift.

The little girl hit the lift door frantically and helplessly.

The final scene before the end of the footage showed the little girl leaving the lift when it reached Level 18.

You can watch the dreadful full footage here:

Since the news broke, media reports have pieced together how the little girl had fallen to her death. She was reported to have climbed out of this railing and fallen 17 floors onto a pile of trash:

In China, the video has gone viral not just because of the tragic death of the little girl, but also because netizens were divided on who it was to blame for the incident.

Reactions can be roughly divided into three groups. The majority of the netizens thought that the 5-year-old boy was to blame, as they felt that the boy should not have played the prank on her and left her alone in the lift.

But there were also netizens who thought that the incident had nothing to do with the boy, but with the security measures in the buildings – the railings on the 18th floor were not properly secured as compared to the other railings on the other floors.

The last group of netizens felt that the parents of all three children, and especially the boy’s, should be responsible for what happened. After all, how could anyone leave such young kids alone in this big bad world?

But whatever the conclusion from this fault-finding discussion, it will never be enough for the parents of the little girl, who will never get her back.

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