Tattoo artist disagreed with ex-NMP Calvin Cheng on arts funding, got banned from his FB page

Not without some screenshots first.

Tan Xing Qi | July 27, 2017 @ 09:20 pm

Update 0800 Hrs, July 29: Calvin Cheng replied on Mothership Facebook page, explaining why he banned the tattoo artist. He said, “I banned her (which automatically deletes her comments) because she was being rude and offensive. On the same page you can see I am quite happy to engage with people who constructively disagree with me”.

So this happened a couple of days ago:

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Which naturally triggered quite a few Singaporeans like Victoria Woon, who is a tattoo artist.

By the way, check out her works of art.

Minimalistic mandala for Ann. Thank you for always coming back and trusting me with all your tattoos!

A post shared by victoria woon (@hellotako) on

Anyway, according to Woon’s Facebook post, she claimed that he blocked all her comments and was subsequently banned from his Facebook page.

Why? For disagreeing with his opinion, apparently.

Here’s her Facebook post:

And if you cannot see it:

“So I almost never post my opinion on news or politics as I’m not one to seek out controversial debates on such matters. Yesterday I was linked an article by Anthea Tan in which a fool I’d never heard of before was talking about why the government should stop funding the arts. I responded to him, but due to the fact that my opinion differed from his, he deleted all my comments as well as banned me from his page. The reason that I’m posting this in the first place is because I honestly want to know how someone like this could ever even have been nominated as an MP for our country.

Too bad for Calvin Cheng that the internet and technology is unforgiving and perhaps he has never heard of a screenshot. He claims that I have a right to state my opinion as long as it does not involve personal insults or attacks right after making a personal attack of his own, insulting both my parents and my upbringing, even after I had stopped making personal remarks about him and was asking him legitimate questions which he failed to answer.

Where did this guy even come from and does the Straits Times really have nothing more newsworthy to report than the rambling opinion of this idiot?”

To be fair, Cheng mentioned that Woon “resorted to personal attacks and insults”, of which Woon admitted using “uncultured”.

And to be fair, most non-probiotic drinks are uncultured too.

Just saying.

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