S’pore teen’s wobbly 3D latte art includes animals, cartoon characters and fidget spinners

So. Cute.

Mandy How | July 19, 2017 @ 02:40 pm

Latte art, for people who don’t strictly drink coffee for the coffee, has become a very important part of one’s coffee.

Which is why Singaporean teenager Daphne Tan’s (@periperipeng on Instagram) latte art will probably have the avocado generation squealing.

Look at these cats, for instance:

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And her salute to Mount Fuji:

I thought moving mountains was impossible?

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This cat and bear combo:

my niece told me she wants me to be her latte art designer when she starts drinking coffee

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A raccoon:

apparently raccoons eat fruit, represented by the pink blob

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This incredible iteration of Stitch:

my tongue was tinted blue while making this

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A curled-up fox that makes us want to curl up and sleep too:

And of course, her most recent creation, a fidget spinner:

have succumbed to the fidget spinner trend

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According to her blog, the 17-year-old student started on her craft relatively recently, in Dec. 2016.

She first took an interest when she attended a workshop on the appreciation of gourmet coffee, thanks to a school programme. 

She then started experimenting with the French Press (a coffee brewing method) and found a way to create stable foam, which explains why her 3D latte art doesn’t disintegrate upon touch. 

Today, Tan uses milk frother from Nespresso, natural food colouring, as well as a mix of carob powder (a powder made from a kind of legume, often used in place of cocoa powder) and water to design the foam.

To create the desired shapes, Tan uses two spoons and a bamboo skewer. 

Each cup takes 10-20 minutes to create, depending on complexity.

Unfortunately, her designs don’t appear to be on sale at the moment, but her blog has a visual, step-by-step tutorial on how she does it. Hurray (until we fail miserably).


Top photo via Daphne Tan’s Instagram account, which you should follow to see more of her awesome latte designs.

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