Spendthrift wanted to spend S$4,000 on LV Supreme goods but settled for S$550 luggage tags

If Singapore economy was doing better, he would have paid S$5,000 for luggage tags.

By Belmont Lay | July 15, 2017

Have you ever had the experience of setting aside a lump sum of money wanting to buy something you really wanted, but because it is out of stock, you still wanted to buy something, nonetheless?

Well, it happened to this guy:

This is what the post said:

“I came to the #LVxSupreme drop with my friends to try and score a hit. My friend was in the VIP queue so she managed to go in before everybody.

Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of items to buy.

Today I brought $4,000 of my own savings to shop, but I only ended up with these luggage tags that cost $550.

I was prepared to not be able to get all of the items on my wishlist, but I was hoping to get a bit more. The top items on my wishlist are the hoodie and box logo tee.

In the past, I used to think it was ridiculous for people to spend $500 on a shirt, until I started getting into the streetwear culture about a year ago. Now, my budget increases every time there’s a new drop.

I think people are willing to buy these expensive streetwear products because of the signature branding, and because they’re hard to get. Also, most of the people here are probably just resellers trying to earn money from the drop.

To me, the #LVxSupreme drop is unique because it infuses high end luxury brands into the streetwear culture, hence bringing a different touch to it.” – Alwin Tan, 31, Banking executive

Some 300 people were in queue outside Ion Orchard at 6.40am on Thursday, July 13, for Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with New York-based streetwear label Supreme.

Those in line were trying to get their hands on a raffle ticket that will guarantee them entry to the collection’s launch on Friday, 10.30am.

The ballot numbers were auto-generated randomly by Louis Vuitton staff on an iPad and given out from 7am on Thursday. Only those who landed numbers between 1 and 350 received a ticket to shop

Each number represented the order in which one can enter the shop.

But items were soon snatched up.

As usual, the top comment in response to the S$550 luggage tags is gold, or rather, priceless and worth more than S$4k:

On another note, people are free to spend money any way they want since it is their money.

Top photo via Straatosphere.com

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