Some sicko placed 3 toothpicks sharp side up on a bus seat, and a lady nearly sat on them

Why would you do that?

Nyi Nyi Thet | July 26, 2017 @ 11:19 am

Everyone wants to get a seat on the bus, or train, after a hard day’s work.

Facebook user Shervella Wong was no different.

However instead of plopping down on an empty seat like most of us, she had the wherewithal to check the seat first.

And it was lucky she did, because she saw 3 protruding toothpicks poking out from the seat.

Here they are.

Image from Shervella

Here is what Wong had to say.

Sometimes, EVERYONE is tired before and end of the day and definitely too tired to check their seats before sitting.

This happens to me this morning ( Thank god, I did check before I sat down).

I just find people’s action is really sick in the mind or is it just mentally not right.

Why would people actually do that to the seat and let other people’s ass get poke?

I just don’t understand, the person who had done this have the time to get toothpicks and stick it in the seat trying to get people injured, but doesn’t have time to think about something that will be productive to do while travelling on the bus?

(I didn’t get my ass poke by the toothpick! My Ass is well protected! HAHAHA🙆🏻)

** Remember to check your seat next time before sitting guys! Protect your ass well too! 😎😉**



Image from Wong’s Facebook

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