Shanghai mall rolls out ‘Husband Lounges’ for hubbies unwilling to accompany their wives

Ownself entertain ownself.

By Yeo Kaiqi | July 13, 2017

If you are the kind of man who always complains when you have to accompany your partner shopping, Global Harbour Mall in Shanghai is the place to solve your problems.

As they continue their indulgent shopping, you can kill time in the “Husband Lounge”, an amenity graciously provided by the mall that is fully equipped with gaming facilities, LED screens, and joysticks.

Time to say goodbye to the days you have to pretend you aren’t zoning out when your wife is looking for her next OOTD.

Photo via: The Paper
Gif source: The Paper

As usual, controversy soon ensued as the interviewees’ comments on the amenity gained the attention of Chinese netizens.

These were the views that were expressed by the interviewees:

Gif source: The Paper

“I just played TEKKEN III, and it felt like I was back in my secondary school days.”

This man thinks the amenity is so good that it seems to have brought him all the way back to his secondary school days. Possibly because he hasn’t met his wife then yet.

Gif source: The Paper

“If we have these games, then she’ll enjoy one activity while I enjoy another. It’s better that we self-entertain this way.”

This other guy thinks it’s a good idea to “ownself entertain ownself” as he and his wife indulges in one activity each. No need for either partner to shower attention towards each other in a relationship at all.

Gif source: The Paper

“There is no air-conditioning [installed in the amenity] during the summer. I’d rather accompany my wife while she’s shopping than play games in here.”

Wives, your best bet for a man’s loyal attention during shopping is to hope that the Hubby Lounge has no air-conditioning, for that’s the reason you man would rather go shopping.

That said, we have to remind you, wives — please don’t get mad at your husbands for this. You see, they are literally “waiting for you in the bar”, and not running off with another woman.

Screenshot source: The Paper

Actually, such lounges have been available for a while. As reported last year, the Vanke Mall has a “Husband Nursery” amenity for those with the same needs (or wants).

Back to the “Husband Lounge”, the amenity may sound like a pretty good idea, but wouldn’t that invite annoying kid-hoggers, since you don’t need to prove you’re a husband before using this lounge? And most importantly, are husbands even able to get permission from their wives?

Dubious level: 10/10.

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