Sam Willows & Wicked Aura playing at Japanese music festival Summer Sonic on Aug. 20

And this isn't their maiden international event either.

By Guan Zhen Tan | July 9, 2017

Summer Sonic is a Japanese music festival that was started in 2000.

It is a pretty major festival considering that the likes of big name bands such as Green day, Metallica and Coldplay have performed at it in previous years.

Interestingly, Singaporean bands have also been part of the festival, and this year there will be two local acts, pop-band Sam Willows and percussion group Wicked Aura, playing at the Island Stage on Aug. 20.

Our homegrown musicians will be playing at a different stage from headlining acts like the Black Eye Peas, Foo Fighters and the cutesy Babymetal, but it’s still pretty impressive that they’ve made it to one of the landmark music festivals in Japan.

Amazingly, this isn’t their maiden international event either.

Wicked Aura, which formed as a street-performing band in 2003, had played in multiple festivals in at least 11 countries, sharing stages with big names like Beastie Boys, Robert Plant, Femi Kuti, The Dhol Foundation, Chico Cesar, Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, Jimmy Cliff, Hoobastank, The Black Eyed Peas and much more.

Wicked Aura is well-known to fans for their brilliant mix of music styles, from Afro-Brazilian beats to rock, reggae and funk grooves.

The Sam Willows, who are one of the most prominent local bands in recent years, have played to a packed out venue at Hard Rock Coliseum during their Take Heart tour last year.

They’ve performed at six international music festivals and conferences in within 8 months, which included the SXSW Music Festival in the US,  Canadian Music Week in Canada,  Digital & Music Matters in Singapore; MU:CON 2013 and Zandari Festa in Korea, and WAM Festival in Perth, Australia.

So if you or any of your friends are in Japan at that time, why not check them out?

Ticket and event venues can be found here.

Top image via The Sam Willows’ and Wicked Aura’s Facebook pages. 

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