Mutual friend responds to FB post about her lying with her mutual friend’s husband at his new house


By Nyi Nyi Thet |Jeanette Tan | July 15, 2017

In case you missed the drama yesterday, here’s a quick recap.

Lady, whom we shall refer to as lao niang, gets suspicious of husband, checks the new apartment they got, finds husband laying on the couch with a mutual friend of theirs, writes FB post.

The FB post detailed 10 facts that, according to lao niang, proved her claims of infidelity:

“Fact 1: This guy haven’t been behaving well for the past 6mths or so. (Literally every time I call him he’d be with her and her husband. “Who knows whether what he said was true”)

Fact 2: This girl MC/LEAVE/PONTEN from work today without the husband knowing. (She say it’s the first time she ponten asked her to call her office HR to confirm how many days of leave or mc she took to prove but she didn’t want to I think scared husband know she ponten many times.)

Fact 3: I went over to pull her jacket which she wasn’t wearing (covering only). She vehhh ganjiong siol…

Fact 4: She was wearing spaghetti top and the position she was laying, wowsie her boobs were about to flop out and the bra seemingly unbuckled. IM A GIRL I KNOW HOW A BRA LOOKS LIKE HALF HANGING.

Fact 5: My husband was half naked (okay well, half naked was not a big deal but I just wanna add on to the list)

Fact 6: This guy’s clothes reeked of her perfume smell. So you tell me y’all never cuddle will have the smell uh? Wowsie the perfume brand so power I need to buy also.

Fact 7: They were sitting really closely tgt SUMPA. My eyes don’t lie and I LZH will never ever fabricate things up.

Fact 8: Didn’t allow me to check his phone because maybe too many private stuff.

Fact 9: And this woman can still so self righteous say she never do anything wrong. WOWSIE.

Fact 10: She was laying on the sofa the whole time (probably because of the unbuckled bra)”



However, the lady at the centre of this saga, we’ll call her Jacket Lady, has responded.

Here’s what Jacket Lady had to say about the claims, in a Facebook post that she took down but not before we saw it:

“I guess everyone is waiting for my respond on today’s saga.

So, not to worry guys! Im fine and.. Im pretty much engage onto the episode as well 😂

To that lao niang:

Thanks for allowing me to become famous over a morning not over a night. And your assume presume really creates a wonderful “早报” (editor’s note: literally translated as “morning newspaper”) for people who are hving coffee time or during lunch break.

Im not sure if you are in a right state of mind to understand because you are so yolo (editor’s note: that stands for you only live once). Yolo to have fun almost every f**king (editor’s note: we censored this) single nights. Taking photo with diff kinds of guys cuddling ard which is all over your social medial platforms. Did you even spare a thoughts for your poor husband?

You think no ppl go and him “eh your wife like that you ok ah?” (People, im sure you said that before). Taking bikini photos, showing off cleavage.

So im not sure whats wrong with my spag? Ohya perhaps that almost flipping out boobs(which she assume/presume) annoys you alot. But because girls like you will nv have a problem like this. I can never get a well covered bikini like the one you wore.

Anyway, I’m not here to shame you. Im just stating the facts where by people with eyes and not blind can tells. Oh yes, and some people who dont even needs to see but just by hearing your name alr knows.

I mean you should know the best what you did too 😊 You really dont have to air your laundry outside. You think you are such a wife material after an abortion? Please la. Wake up, you have a choice, you walk into the clinic yourself leg is yours, dont put all blames onto others and shake off all responsibility. Dont portal urself like how TR makes wonder. (editor’s note: we’re sorry, we’re really out of ideas here.)

People who knows me and yx (editor’s note: lao niang’s husband) will not hv doubt about us.

You may continue with ur assume or presume. Whereas people came to msg me and share about your stories. Stop telling people you want to divorce and you want the house when you only fork out that lil bit of pathetic cpf. You make things sound like everything is a plot. Well..🤔🤔🤔 Anyway, lead the way you want it to be Lao Niang! Because YOLO 🤘

To friends and families:
Sorry to bring any unwanted attention to you guys. My tui hong too yolo alr! Not to worry. This might not be the end because she have a lot of editing and deleting of comments to do and she need to have some time for assuming and presuming the nx juicy episode. Hahahahahaha. Stay tune? Idk must ask her alr. Hahahahaha.

Esp to the family members of all involved parties. This could have been handle properly. Apologise for any inconveniences caused.

Lastly, 你很好! 你是最好的老婆 😂😂😂 (editor’s note: literally translated as “You’re very good! You’re the best wife!”)

Ohya, nx year on your ROM anniversary which is yx birthday please get your sister or your trusted person to buy a birthday cake for him. And tell that person not to buy a $45 cake because its over your budget.
I mean $45 for a cake for someone you love, over budget? SERIOUSLY? LOL.

The TL;DR version of Jacket Lady’s Facebook reply is:

1. Accuse lao niang of taking photos with many men

2. Insult her chest size, for some reason.

3. Claim lao niang’s CPF contribution to her new house was less than average.

4. And lao niang’s birthday cake budget for her husband is far from optimal as well (as if this is somehow relevant).

5. Finally, she claims anyone who knows their (Jacket Lady and YX) friendship, will not question what they were doing.

Although her post has been taken down, reactions to the post weren’t all that supportive, with many noting she didn’t give a reason for going over to lao niang’s husband’s new HDB flat to lounge on the couch.

But that doesn’t seem to have fazed Jacket Lady, her husband, and YX’s friendship, as evidenced by this comment on her own post:



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Top photo via the first lady’s Facebook post

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