Korean man who conned lady in S’pore sends threatening messages to take down FB post

The only winner here is Singlish.

By Nyi Nyi Thet | July 17, 2017

If you missed the first article, the background of this story is basically how a Korean man allegedly cheated a Singaporean lady, Adebelle, out of $10,000.

Now, the Korean man, Kwan Soon Ah, who is also her ex-boyfriend, absconded with the money back to Korea.

Like anybody cheated out of that much money, Adebelle tried to find him in Korea.

This didn’t go well, and the man allegedly stole another $3,750 from her.

This is where it gets insane: It turns out Kwan had actually scammed people in Incheon, his hometown, out of over $200,000.

And that’s not all. He was also wanted for going AWOL from the Korean army.

That’s a lot to process.

Facebook post

Adebelle decided to call Kwan out, posting the above information on her Facebook.

The post garnered quite a bit of coverage, even being picked up by daily’s such as Shin Min Daily News.

But it turns out Kwan wasn’t a big fan of being called out on social media.

And he made it known through a series of texts sent to Adebelle.

Image from Facebook

First things first, do consult a doctor to see if you got cancer from reading that English.

Next, here’s a summary of what they were talking about/ attempting to talk about.

A helpful commenter on Korean website, Koreaboo.com, tried to explain the messages.

So basically Kwan professed his love for her, pleaded to go back to Singapore, force her to take down the Facebook post, and then when she refused, threatened to kill her.

And it’s a threat Adebelle seems to have taken seriously, as she ended off her Facebook post with this quote.

P/S. Anyway this Kwan SoonHo has always mentioned he wants to kill me. In case, something really bad happened to me or I’m dead in Korea and Singapore or anywhere else, kindly help me lodge a police report. Lastly people do help me like and share the post around, thank you.

Kwan is still apparently on the loose.


All images from Adebelle’s Facebook



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