S'porean home baker bakes Pusheen chiffon cakes

No buttercream or fondant went into any of these.

Mandy How | June 20, 2017, 06:20 PM

Take a closer look. This cake is made entirely of chiffon. Not shaped with fondant nor piped with buttercream, as elaborately designed cakes like these usually are.

Made from scratch by home baker Susanne Ng, the cakes come in all kinds of designs -- even designs so complex that we previously thought only fondant cakes could achieve.

Take a look at some of them:

"Pusheen Cat" Black Sesame Chiffon Cake

To create these unconventional shapes, Ng uses tube pans, ball cake pans, and cake pop moulds (among other things), as well as moulding techniques.


Astronaut "Galaxy" Chiffon Cake


Ng shows us a close up of the swirls here:

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Galaxy Chiffon Cake! My humble attempt at making swirls of the milky way 🌌🌌 Do you think can pass?? #lovingcreations4u #creativechiffon #chiffoncake #sgbakes #bakersofsgp #sgcakes #cakeporn #homebaked #whati8today #cakestagram #video #instavideo #diyfoodys #galaxycake #friyay

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Paw Patrol 'Chase' Chiffon Cake

Details like ears and eyes were cut out from sheet cakes (i.e. batter baked into a flat sheet), then glued on with melted marshmallows.

Alternatively, she writes in her baking blog, you can also pipe them on by using melted chocolate.


"Unicorn" Soy Milk Chiffon Cake


To obtain a whiter shade for the cake, Ng reduced the amount of egg yolks in her recipe.

She has many more recipes and designs on her baking blog here as well as on her Instagram account.

Ng also has a Facebook photo album where she documents her journey in baking special chiffon cakes.

She started out with basic designs, but her creations gradually improved to become more detailed and precise.

From this:

Source: Susanne Ng Facebook

To things like these:

Source: Susanne Ng Facebook

Source: Susanne Ng Facebook

She now even has two cookbooks written and published on chiffon cakes, and another one on macarons.

All super impressive, especially if you are brave enough to attempt them.

Alternatively, if you are lazy like us, you can order one for yourself by e-mailing Ng at [email protected]


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Top images via Susanne Ng's Facebook page

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