S’porean has sex with 57 women in 24 hours, while being watched by his parents during JAV audition before getting diarrhoea at club

One Like = One believe.

Nyi Nyi Thet | June 9, 2017 @ 02:51 pm


If you have been surfing Facebook, you might have come across news of this consummate Casanova callously courting chicks.

The story is quite self-explanatory, some Singapore man had sex with 57 women in a day.

The article included gems such as, “As soon as he finished his 57th women, he was rushed to the hospital for treatment to his penis.”

Wow, Singapore pride, right?

Nah, as most of you might have guessed, that is absolute nonsense. With no link to the purported event taking place in Czech Republic.

But, as of this article’s publishing, the fake news article seems to have gathered over 15,000 likes and shares.

Now, even if we assume half of those who shared the article were being tongue-in-cheek about it, that’s still a significant number of people who bought that story.

Which is relatively harmless in this instance, perhaps making for some misguided coffeeshop talk.

But the problem is that this type of article isn’t unheard of, rather similar instances of such articles have been happening and building up for quite a while now.

Here are some of the other incredible achievements Singaporeans have accomplished.

Had sex in front of parents.

Had diarrhoea in a club.

Gotten auditions for a JAV company

And some publications in Singapore have fallen for some of these articles.

It isn’t clear why websites target Singapore by producing Singapore-centric stories, but it might have something to do with our high Internet penetration rate, which by association, leads to more views for those type of articles.

Or the fact that anything written in English and appearing on the Internet is definitely real.

So if local media, both mainstream and online are covering a story about a Singaporean doing something weird sexually, it’s probably because it isn’t true.


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