Some kind individuals are making Yishun great again by sending goody bags to their neighbours

Make Yishun Great Again.

Nyi Nyi Thet| June 10, 10:46 AM

Yishun has had quite a run of unfortunate headlines.

Which, along with media coverage, and general public perception, has lead to a certain narrative playing out around Yishun.

To counter that, thought pieces have been published in no less of an institution than The Straits Times, arguing why the perception is skewed.

But, perhaps more than any amount of media mentions, small things done within the society could be worth even more.

Enter these group of individuals going out of their way to send goody bags to Yishun residents.

According to a tweet by Lipstick Tissue, she received a care package from these particular individuals.

This is the care package.

Image from Lipstick Tissue's tweet

Here is what the card attached to the package says.

One block at a time.


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