Science Centre S’pore launches Asia’s largest mirror maze exhibition


By Belmont Lay | June 14, 2017

The Science Centre Singapore (SCS) has launched a couple of permanent installations.

From June 14, as part of their 40th anniversary celebrations, 270 sqm space has been transformed into a huge mirror maze.

The conversion was done by Adrian Fisher Design, the world’s leading creators of mirror mazes and record holder of seven Guinness World Records.

SCS last hosted a similar maze two decades ago.

The current maze is titled Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic Mirror Maze. It features 105 mirror cells, more than 17 interactive exhibits and experiments on light, plus holograms and fake exits to make for a trippy kaleidoscope experience.

The mirror maze backstory features Professor Crackitt, a forgetful fictional character who lost his pet parrot in his vast laboratory that is the mirror maze.

Participants go through the maze to try and spot the parrot while fixing some of the experiments and learning science along the way.

Another new permanent exhibition, The Mind’s Eye, takes place before participants reach the mirror maze itself. This exhibition showcases various optical illusions.

Admission to both exhibits are free but regular admission charges to SCS apply.

Details on SCS site.


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