Lee Hsien Yang: Rule of law was respected under Lee Kuan Yew

Another salvo.

Belmont Lay | June 19, 2017, 05:07 PM

Lee Hsien Yang granted an email interview with Hong Kong English newspaper, South China Morning Post, firing another salvo by comparing the regime under his elder brother with his late father's, in what is a sure sign a protracted battle is on the cards.

The June 19 article was even shared by Lee Hsien Yang on his Facebook page:


In response to queries by the foreign newspaper on why he and his sister, Lee Wei Ling, have been so critical of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in a series of public proclamations since Wednesday, June 14, when they were previously silent about their father's authoritarian tendencies, Lee Hsien Yang said:

“Let us not mince words. Singapore’s social compact under Lee Kuan Yew was -- civil liberties may be curtailed, but in return your government will respect the rule of law and be utterly beyond reproach.”

He also said this social compact was “now broken” as PM Lee is ready to use his “public powers to achieve his personal agenda” and this issue has ceased to be a private family matter.

Besides this pointed opinion, Lee Hsien Yang rehashed several usual talking points, such as reiterating his belief that the demolition of the 38 Oxley Road house is being prevented to preserve it as a monument.

PM Lee has said this is untrue.

However, in the interview, Lee Hsien Yang once again glossed over specific questions about the type of persecution he claimed he has faced and where he intended to leave Singapore for.

Lee Hsien Yang also said he has nothing to gain from the demolition of the house.

This was also the response he gave to a query from Channel News Asia, where he said he has not applied for approval for the house to be demolished:

“I purchased the house to fulfil my parents' wishes. That is my sole aim. I have not thought about what lies beyond demolition if I achieve it."


“My sister is living there and has every intention to live a long life."

The two younger siblings of the prime minister are the trustees and executors of Lee Kuan Yew’s final will.


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