In his 15th FB post in 5 days, Lee Hsien Yang asks DPM Teo to find the dictionary definition of “secret”

They used to be BFF, with DPM Teo saying earlier in the week that he "know Hsien Yang very well".

By Martino Tan | June 18, 2017

We now know that Lee Hsien Yang (LHY) wakes up early on a Sunday morning.

At 5.51am, LHY posted a Facebook post and disagreed with Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean’s take that there was “nothing secret” regarding the ministerial committee set up to study the various options for the late Lee Kuan Yew’s house at 38 Oxley Road.

LHY’s 15th FB post in five days — three posts were re-shares of the Facebook posts by his sister Lee Wei Ling’s — was one of those jibes that we usually witness during social media arguments, where a provocateur questions his opponent’s definition of a word.

In the post, LHY asked DPM Teo to look up the definition of “secret” in a dictionary, and ended off with a respectLKY hashtag.

DPM Teo: Between Two Ferns Lees

Besides his role as the head of the Ministerial Committee to think about what could/will/should happen to 38 Oxley Road, Teo is also someone who knows both LHY and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

DPM Teo would have known both LHY and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong as colleagues in the 1970s and early 1980s, as all three of them were President’s Scholars serving in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

Moreover, PM Lee shared in his 3,882 word statutory declaration on June 15 that he confided in DPM Teo after the reading of LKY’s last will.

“I was so struck by the sequence of volunteered statements that on 23 April 2015, 11 days later, I recounted to DPM Teo Chee Hean in my office what had happened at the reading of the Last Will, including what Lee Suet Fern (LSF) had said.”

As Acting PM when PM Lee was on overseas leave last week, DPM Teo told the media that he felt “very sad about what has happened”, adding that he “know Hsien Yang very well, and PM must be going through a terrible time”.

It appears that DPM Teo is not going through an easy time too, trying to find a compromise between the members of the most influential family in the country.

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