Almost Famous: We interview ourselves to find out why our videos suddenly look so kilat

Ownself interview ownself.

Tan Xing Qi | June 29, 2017 @ 12:01 pm

Mothership: Hi there, good job on the new website. Looking spiffy. We heard great things about your new video offerings. Tell us more.

Us: We’re glad you asked. And you’ll definitely love our new video offerings. Why? Because when have we ever failed you guys? (Editor’s note: Sometimes — just look at the 2013 old website)

MS: What type of content can viewers expect?

Us: In a nutshell, more videos — inane or otherwise. Every week, we will push two episodes of our very own, original mini shows. Think YouTubers but sans boobs. Because we are not influencers.

And since we don’t have boobs, we tend to overcompensate in other areas. Like screwing things up on camera. Or torturing ourselves for giggles.

MS: Wow. Tell us more about these mini shows, please.

Us: We’ll have four in total —

Cui-sine (where we create stupid food out of stupid ingredients);

Trial & Terror (where we do things we see online);

Badly produced videos (where — unlike its unfortunate name, we tell bad jokes);

and finally, Legit Old (where we give the pioneer generation a platform to kpkb)

Other than entertainment videos, we will also produce trending videos daily. So feel free to click and watch — no subscription, all free. Forever.

MS & us: Naise.

Top photo: Screenshot from one of our epic videos

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