Today forum writer: Fence off Pink Dot at Hong Lim Park to keep local gay pride in

Writer is upset foreigners are spreading their foreign influence in Singapore.

By Belmont Lay | May 19, 2017

A man, presumably Singaporean, is angered/ saddened/ disappointed enough to open his word processor/ email, and pound out a letter to the Today forum page.

His lamentation?

He cannot take it that foreigners are abusing values such as democracy, freedom of speech and human rights in Singapore, and spreading their agenda here.

Here is his magnum opus of a gripe:

More measures needed to ensure foreigners don’t join Pink Dot event


I am glad that only Singaporeans and permanent residents (PRs) can attend Pink Dot from this year onwards, and only local companies can sponsor it.

It is important to disallow foreign individuals and organisations from interfering in Singaporean politics and social issues.

We must stop foreigners from abusing values such as democracy, freedom of speech and human rights in Singapore, and from spreading their agenda here.

The Pink Dot organisers should fence off Hong Lim Park and employ security officers and registration staff to ensure that only Singaporeans and PRs attend the event (NGOs seek clarity on organisers’ role at Speakers’ Corner events; May 17).

However, the forum letter writer failed to mention Singapore’s need to keep out foreign technology such as the Apple iPhone, a state-of-the-art gay tech developed under the guidance of a prominent gay man, Tim Cook.


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