This is how to apply for NDP 2017 tickets & improve your chances of landing a ticket

Getting a ticket is like winning Toto. Kinda.

By Jonathan Lim | May 18, 2017

Want to attend this year’s National Day Parade and get your hands on the goody bag?

You can ballot for tickets from May 23 to June 4 via the NDP website, SMS, or SAM and AXS stations.

Increasing your chance of securing a ticket

And here’s a golden tip to improve your odds, according to the NDP website:

“Each applicant can only apply for 2, 4 or 6 tickets. The lower the number of tickets applied for, the higher the chances of obtaining them.”

To better your odds, apply for two tickets and ask whoever you’re planning to go with to apply as well. Or you could ask a multitude of friends to help you ballot, if you’re that popular.

If you are a Singapore citizen and balloted last year but failed to get tickets, the odds are tipped in your favour as “ticket allocation will be prioritized for Singapore Citizens and applicants who were not allocated tickets for NDP 2016.”

Yay to the Pink IC.

People who sell their tickets

If you’re planning to sell your tickets for a healthy profit? Well, shame on you.

People who are found selling their NDP tickets will be barred from balloting in future, according to the NDP organiser.

The NDP organising committee has urged members of the public to write in to [email protected] to report any illegal sales of the ticket.

If you genuinely cannot make it for the parade and would not want the tickets to go to waste, the NDP website states that “tickets may be transferred to friends or family, but strictly not for sale.”

This year’s parade will be held at The Float @ Marina Bay and will feature the theme “#OneNationTogether”. Yes, it includes the hashtag. Because social media.

Actually, here’s the official explanation for the hashtag:

“The “#” also serves as symbols of unity and home. “#” draws a close resemblance to the iconic image of four interlocking arms found in our nation’s first Orchid series $10 note launched in 1967. This symbolizes our nation’s strength in social unity and multicultural harmony. “#” is also a familiar feature in Singaporean home addresses, making “#” synonymous with the idea of home.”

Source: NDP website



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