S’pore McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish now served with really small slice of cheese

Cheese is expensive.

By Mandy How | May 15, 2017

Remember when the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish looked like this?

Source: Pinterest

A whole slice of cheese teasing us with its sexy overhanging triangles.

But when a photo of a Filet-O-Fish was shared on Reddit Singapore by user rollin340 on May 14, something was a little off:

Source: Reddit Singapore

Cheese for the box, not for the burger” – rollin340 x McDonald’s, 2017

Never mind that the cheese wasn’t even in the burger. Because it clearly shows that there was only one-third of a slice of cheese. Other Redditors had plenty of wisdom to give on the matter.

But first, clarification:


Well, how the burger even get that way can be explained by how they are assembled: Put together while in the box for efficiency.

This is according to someone who worked at McDonald’s before and knows the process of assembling burgers, which may explain why the food looks a bit haphazard sometimes when they get to customers:


And finally, the answer as to why the Filet-O-Fish only has half (or one-third, in some unfortunate cases) a slice of cheese:


But this Triple Decker sandwich from McCafe is quite inexcusable:

Pretty sure there is no such thing as the Double Triple Decker on the menu. Sigh.


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