S’pore man sincerely enquires what service female broker/ model can provide that other brokers cannot


By Nyi Nyi Thet | May 11, 2017

A voice broker is a specific type of broker that brokers derivatives transactions via telephone, instant message, or similar means of communication.

Which sounds like an incredibly professional occupation.

A potential customer who wanted to get into this very complex trading decided to hire one of these brokers over Instagram, sending her an enquiry over Instagram messaging.

The broker initially saw it as rather inappropriate, although according to the man later claimed they had worked it out.

This was the conversational snippets posted on the broker’s Facebook.

This post somehow found its way to Hardware Zone Forums, where some members misunderstood that the married man was somehow propositioning something else other than trading.

The post, which now has over 100 pages, exploded, with many condemning the man, and feeling aggrieved on behalf of his wife.

Amidst all this, personal information regarding him and his wife were brought up in the forum.

The mob got so loud that the man in question logged on to the forum to try and explain himself.

In it, he explained that he was merely trying to get her to waive off comms from a prior contract, and was wondering how special her rates could go.

Next, he claimed that if he really had wanted to tackle her, he would have been smarter about it.

Before seemingly implying that he also wanted insider information.

Then for some reason he started referring to himself in the 3rd person.

He also revealed that he had cleared things up with the broker in question, as well as threatening to take legal action against the thread starter.

But his message was clear.

He had merely Instagram messaged the model/ broker in extremely vague terms asking what she could do for him in terms of either giving him a higher returns/ information on insider trading which is kinda super illegal, but definitely, definitely not trying to garner any insidiously immoral services, or anything of that nature.


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