More S’poreans going online to buy/sell durian without smelling them first

It is a leap of faith, but convenient.

By Olivia Lin | May 14, 2017

If you love durians but don’t own a car, you’d understand the dilemma of having to transport them from the durian stalls back to your home.

Prohibited on public transport, and typically shunned by taxi and private car drivers due to the smell, the king of fruits might just be the most difficult thing to bring around.

Going online

But now with more durian sellers going online to expand their businesses, car-less durian lovers might finally be seeing a silver lining in their long-standing quandary.

In fact, a quick search on Google would lead one to several durian delivery sites.

Fortunately, most of these businesses don’t deliver the durians in their thorny form. The fruits are de-shelled and packed into boxes before they get sent out for delivery.

Some businesses list their products on online platforms like Qoo10 and FoodPanda, while some take orders straight from their own sites.

Screenshot via Qoo10

Setting themselves apart

More consumers are recognising the convenience of having the fruits delivered, and turning to these sites to satisfy their durian fix.

In an interview with The Straits Times, a Mr. Tan, who runs Durian Plantation, mentioned that the online side of his business has been good even during off-peak seasons, and that he has sold close to 1,000 durians online ever since he listed his products on Qoo10.

Due to the rise in demand for durian delivery, more traditional durian businesses are going online to reach out to these customers – which is why some of them are also seeing the need to set themselves apart.

One site, Durian Islands, does this by offering a wide variety of the fruit that’s beyond the usual D24 and Mao Shan Wang.

Photo via Durian Islands

Another durian delivery business, JoJo Durian, adopts a trendy branding with cute graphics to attract the younger crowd.

Screenshot via Jojo Durian
Screenshot via Jojo Durian

Then there’s one named Just Durian that straight up lists the (questionable) benefits of the fruit.

Durian is a fruit that naturally comes with high in potassium, iron, vitamin C , vitamin B and of course dietary fiber. It is a fruit that is suitable for all ages where it:

– boost your immune system and prevent cancer
– increases the red blood cell formation and the improve muscle strength
– improve blood pressure and protect against cardiovascular diseases
– improve digestion and bowel movements
– improve skin complexion and prevent premature aging
– improve signs of anemia and cure insomnia

But unless someone invents a technology that digitises scent, one gripe some buyers might have is that they wouldn’t be able to smell the fruits before purchasing.

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Top photo via Durian Islands.

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