Chinese restaurant in Clementi serves Flaming Chicken that is literally flaming

If you look closely at the cover image, there's actually a chicken amidst the fiery madness.

By Olivia Lin | May 14, 2017

We’ve all heard of food places that serve insanely spicy chicken wings/ drumlets.

To entice chili heads to patronise their eateries, they often add words like, “fiery,” “flaming,” or, “scorching,” to the names of the dishes.

But in the heart of Clementi, one Chinese eatery called De’Beer Seafood Restaurant has decided to uphold the actual meaning of fiery chicken by… literally setting it on fire.

And no, it’s not spicy.

On its menu are the usual Zi Char dishes like Lala Beehoon (Clam Vermicelli), Braised Beancurd, and Drunken Prawns. But flip the pages a little more, and you’ll see an item by the name of Flaming Chicken.

For S$60, diners can order a whole chicken and watch it get set on fire.

It even starts off with a grand entrance. The chicken arrives impaled on a metal shaft atop a steamboat dish filled with soup.

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A server then pours Chinese rose wine from the top, which sets the whole dish ablaze.

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If you’re worried that this will somehow set your surrounding dishes on fire, fret not as the whole flaming thing is done on a separate table.

After the dramatic display, the restaurant staff then cuts the chicken into bite-sized pieces, and serves the meat on top of the broth.

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The result is a delectably moist, fragrant chicken with a slightly rose-y aftertaste from the Chinese rose wine.

It is also said that De’Beer uses Kampong chicken, which is known to be more succulent.

Mother’s Day Menu

With Mother’s Day around the corner, De’Beer has come up with set menus for people who want to make it extra memorable.

The two sets that feature the legendary Flaming Chicken are:

Photo via De’Beer Seafood Restaurant
Photo via De’Beer Seafood Restaurant

No doubt it’ll be a lit meal that’ll score you more points with the folks.

De’Beer Seafood Restaurant
Location: 106 Clementi Street 12
Singapore 120106


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