Check out the insane terms & conditions of a flyer distributing job in S'pore

Is this reasonable?

Belmont Lay | May 12, 2017, 05:52 PM

Distributing flyers is easily one of the most thankless jobs in Singapore.

The pay is not fantastic (probably S$6 an hour), you get exposed to the elements outdoors and you have to rely on the goodwill of strangers to help you get rid of whatever you're distributing piece by piece.

If that wasn't enough, check out the terms and conditions of accepting a flyer distribution gig in Singapore:

Here it is, with all its typos, so you can read it easier:


Terms & Conditions Applied:

1. Must watapp/sms/photo copy your IC (front & back) before work start.

2. Must e earlier 15 minutes at work

3. Must work individual or in team(s) and follow the instructions given by your supervisor or person-in-charge

4.Must work to that particular day or end of the project day(s) (if any/required) assigned to you.

5. Must be Aggressive and Pro Active during distributing Flyer and finish the Flyer(s)/item(s) on that day unless/or instruction given by your supervisor or person-in-charge

6. If you work and didn't complete (e.g. 3 days work according) or throw the flyer away (skip the block or unit) or whichever/whatever way or absence or any excuses or awols etc..that affected the work or ask to leave due to your performance or attitude of working or any other way that affected other(s), you will not be pay on whichever/whatever day(s) or hour(s) that you had worked.

7. You are required to report by calling, sms or watapp your supervisor or person-in-charge on whichever/whatever that you think or seen to be nonsense(s) or any foreseen circumstances or way that affected your work.

8. Your salary will be tranfer to your Bank Account or by Cash asap and/or after the work or project work is finish and after checker has checked the work is properly done.

9. You are not allow to give your contact number to anyone that approach you during the working time except your supervisor or person-in-charge contact number.

10. Any mischievous conduct(s), Vulgarity, fight, causing hurt to other or whichever or whatever way that foreseen as illegal to work or in public nuisance, Police shall be call immediately or Police report shall lodge against you.

11. You do understand that during working time, any foreseen or unforeseen circumstance(s) that affected yourself or anything that happen to yourself, you are responsible and will take the responsibility within yourself.

12. Any foreseen circumstance(s) or happening that cost damage to the "Company" or "Employer" by you during working time legal action may be taken against you for the cost(s) and damage(s) that affected the "Company" or the "Employer".

13. Any form of cheating such as false reporting of work done or throw away flyers will immediately report to police under d Penal Code 420 (Cheating).

It is not known from which flyer distribution company this terms and conditions originate from or if it is even legitimate as they appear very broad.

However, some of the laughable terms include stipulating being 15 minutes early for work (term no. 2), to be aggressive and pro-active during distribution (term no. 5) and not to give out contact details to any other person who asks for it during flyer distribution (term. no. 9).

Some of the more extreme terms include threatening to withhold payment if the flyer distributor was deemed to have displayed poor performance (term no. 6) and having police reports made against the person in the event of any disputes or deemed to have cheated (terms no. 10 and 13).

From the looks of it, the flyer distributing company is trying to hire automatons instead of people.

But on the bright side, say goodbye to this form of employment soon, as flyers are so 20th century.


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