Cat Welfare Society is putting together a S’porean cat calendar, and they want your cat photos

Mark your - oh, wait.

By Mandy How | May 17, 2017

Cat ladies and gentlemen: the Cat Welfare Society is publishing their own cat calendar for the year of 2018, and they’re on the hunt for Calendar Cats.

The theme is “Our Shared Singapore” and submissions should feature the cats of Singapore in quintessential Singaporean settings (void decks, kopitiams, or against a Singaporean landmark, for instance).

In their words, they are looking for “bright, sunny photos that sing about the beauty of our cats, their lovable personalities, and their quirky antics in places that are unmistakably on our urban island”.

Source: Cat Welfare Society’s Facebook page

To participate, send your high-resolution photos to [email protected] by May 31, Wednesday.

If your photography skills are shit, they are also looking for sponsorships of $100, $200 or $500 and above. Write in [email protected] to express your interest in being a sponsor for this initiative.

If your photography skills are shit and you’re broke, just buy the calendar when it comes out.

Because why would you not want a calendar of Singaporean kitties?

View their full post below:

Anyway, just to get you started on thinking of cats to photograph, here are a few nominees we’d like to see feature in a Singaporean cat calendar:

1) Socks, the Yew Tee cat


All dressed up and hanging by a HDB corridor, which incidentally, is the hallmark of Singaporean living.

2) The enchanting fat cat at Holland Drive


Plus-sized models ftw.

3) The actor cat


He’ll have some good poses fur’ sure.

4) Cats in a trolley


They’ll make sure your year’s a fun ride.

5) 15-year-old Lao Mao


Because he has a timeless happily ever after story.

6) This community cat who interferes with your healthy lifestyle


If nothing else works out, at least you’ll have a cat calendar.

7) This kitten who was rescued from the 12th floor of a HDB ledge


*Please do not try this at home.

8) This cat ninja who couldn’t get down from the tree


The poor cat was stuck on a six-storey high tree for two days, and was eventually rescued by two police officers. Deserves a page on the calendar.


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Top image from Cat Welfare Society. 

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