This guy’s critique of the fashion at Mediacorp Star Awards is the best thing ever

Safe and predictable is better than LOUD and SALAH.

By Jonathan Lim | April 17, 2017

Mediacorp’s Star Awards was stretched across four weekends this year — three Countdown Shows and the main awards ceremony that was held on Sunday night, April 16.

But enough of the Star Awards. The greatest thing to come out of the show was one Dennis Lim‘s critique of the outfits donned by some of the stars.

Here we go:

When asked for the motivation behind his posts, Lim said: “I started this on my own private FB account mainly accessible only for friends… it was done purely out of fun without any malice because I have nothing against the artistes nor their acting. Just the wardrobe selection.”

And the wardrobe selection certainly did not disappoint:

When asked which artist had the most lampoon-worthy outfit, Lim said Jayley Woo’s outfit “is the most questionable. it should be locked up in the closet.”

And the best-dressed? Lim says it is Jesseca Liu whose outfit is “always sleek and classy”

As for the male stars, Lim said that a black tie outfit is generally good.

His mantra for award ceremony fashion is a good reminder:

I always feel for award ceremony the outfit should be classy and sophisticated …safe and predictable is better than LOUD and SALAH.

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