SPH gives awesome relationship advice, tells parents to send child to tuition to get some alone time

Can't find a tuition class? Find him a tuition class.

By Nyi Nyi Thet | April 13, 2017

Hey couples with kids, have you ever wanted to go out on a romantic dinner, but was thwarted again and again by your unruly progeny?

Those dumb little mini replicas of you might not reach teenage apathy for you for quite some time, so you’ve got to do something to get them off your back.

Well, SPH has the perfect solution for you.


In case you can’t see it properly, the ad says “Need a dinner for two, find him a tuition class.”

Sure, you could leave him to a babysitter, or relative, and let him enjoy himself, but no, tuition is the best option.

How to find him a tuition?

So for those who aren’t sure how this whole thing works, here’s a quick breakdown.

Ads like this are taken out on pages like the home section, to encourage people to go to the classifieds section to take a look.

In this case, it is Class 636.

That means this was probably not any overzealous advertiser trying to get some product noticed, but SPH genuinely thinking this was a good idea.

Not everyone agrees.

This plays even worse when you take into the account the whole hoopla of not making grades the only thing that matters for kids.

So, we’ve come up with some alternative ads that we feel are equally logical, and equally not stupid.

Are you trying to move away from a grade obsessed society that has slowly but surely perverted the idea of childhood for youths?

Find him a tuition class.


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