Older man offers to have sex with younger guy in MRT. Aggressively.

He apparently approached the man because he was giving him a signal.

By Nyi Nyi Thet | April 20, 2017

Have you ever been on a train and gotten harassed by an elderly man who assumes you’re homosexual, slaps you, and then offers to have sex with you because he is “a gay” too?

Well, now you have.

A video uploaded by Facebook user Joe DeMarini showed just such a situation.

According to the uploader, the man had approached him, seemingly inebriated.

This is his recollection of the incident.

I was with a friend and he approached me–drunk–and said he was gay, and that he wanted to f*ck me. He said, “I know you’re gay, so let’s f*ck.”

This went on for several minutes and I tried to politely diffuse the situation, but then he began to yell at my friend when she intervened; I wouldn’t let this stand, and started to become angry myself.

He threatened her, and some other people on the train intervened (several were filming). He touched me, and I told him not to, and I briefly lost my temper–after that he slapped me on the side of the head.

He kept going on and on, and when a woman tried to take his picture, he attempted to kick her phone out of her hand. When my friend and I got off at our stop, he got off as well, but we managed to evade him and leave the station without him following us.

He went on to clarify in the Facebook post that he wasn’t gay.

Which, as Marini noted, doesn’t really matter in this instance at all.

Seek help

A telling part of the video came about when the elderly man said this.

Singapore got no law, are you from America? Singapore got no law, you can touch me, I can touch you.

Which is a wholly untrue statement.

But a form of that mentality was also present in DeMarini’s reason for not defending himself.

For those asking “Why didn’t you fight back or call the police?” I say, “I am a white immigrant in a country where I do not have citizenship and am a minority–law enforcement may not take my side, despite video and photo evidence.”

Again, no, if you are under duress, regardless of where you are from, please do approach the relevant authorities.

The drama was finally cut short when 2 passengers helped separate the elderly man from DeMarini.

Moral of the story, don’t drink and then proposition people to have sex, because of some incredibly vague signal.

Here’s the transcript


Older man (OM): (To younger man) *Incoherent rambling* You’re a f*cking gay. I’m a gay also.

Younger man’s friend (YMF): Excuse me!

OM: I’m talking to him, not talking to you

YMF: This is very rude.

Younger man (YM): this is my friend, you’re being very rude to her so

OM: Not rude! No, no, no she’s not your friend, I’m your friend.

YM: No, you’re not.

OM: I want you to f*ck me tonight.

YM: I don’t know who you are, and I’m not interested.

OM: I want you to f*ck me tonight

YM: Sorry, please leave us alone.

OM: Don’t touch her ok, I’m gonna slap you, I’m gonna slap you.

YMF: Excuse me, your saliva is on my face, and the nearest hospital is… somewhere else, can you just..

OM: No, no, no, He’s a LBGT, and I’m a LBGT

YM: I’m not, please leave me alone.

OM: Yes you are, you’re gay.

OM: I want to f*ck you, f*ck me tonight, I want you to f*ck me tonight.

YMF: I’m not opposed to gay, but this is very rude.

YM: No, please don’t touch me again either.

OM: Singapore is not like America, we can touch you. *touches him*

YM: Hey! Don’t touch me.

YMF: Excuse me!

YM: Get out of here now.

Helpful bystander 1 (HB1) enters the scene

HB1: Would you please.

OM: (Turns to her) No, he’s a gay, I’m a gay. I want him to f*ck him tonight.

HB1: Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful but…

*HB1 gently pushes older man away from the younger man*

YMF: This is sexual harassment

HB1: But, why don’t you go somewhere else.

OM: No, he’s a gay, I’m a gay, he make signal to me.

YM: I did not.

HB1: Calm down.

*HB1 positions herself between the 2 parties*

OM: I’m calm.

HB1: Yes, but why did you touch him?

OM: Singapore got no law. Are you from America? Are you from America?

HB1: No, I’m not from America.

OM: Singapore got no law, you can touch me, I can touch you. Singapore got no law.

HB1: He doesn’t want to touch you..

OM: Sorry sorry, sorry.

HB1: He doesn’t want to touch you, you know, it’s not always whether you like something…

OM: I’m very touchable, (touches himself) he’s a gay, I know, he’s a gay, I’m a gay.

HB1: Yes, but it’s not…

YMF: What do you mean by he’s a gay, this is very rude.

HB1: Did you drink a bit of alcohol?

OM: I drank, I drank a lot.

HB1: Ah ok, this is your problem here.

OM: Can I kiss you? I wanna kiss you now

YMF: Are you mentally even stable?

YM: No, if you kiss me, I’ll punch your f*cking face off.

OM: You see, see, he use vulgar word.

YMF: (To younger man) Shhh.

YM: Sorry, I know, I know.

OM: Use one more vulgar I’m gonna slap you. *slaps younger man*

YMF: Excuse me

OM: You say f*ck you what?

HB1: No, that’s enough, *raises voice* no it’s enough.

Helpful bystander 2 steps in between the 2.

OM: (Talking to HB2) He say f*ck me what. He say f*ck me.

OM: It’s ok, he’s a gay, I’m a gay. He signal to me.

HB2: He doesn’t want to do anything

OM: Hey, brother!

HB2: Yes?

*Incoherent back and forth*

OM: Ok, ok, ok, It’s ok, I calm down already.

HB2: Why you slap him?

OM: He can slap me, he can slap me, it’s ok.

HB2: He’s not interested

OM: He signal me, if he didn’t signal me, I don’t come. He signal me, if he didn’t signal me, I don’t go.

OM: I’m a gay ok, I’m a gay. He signal me. I’m jealous, *touches own chest*, he touch a woman, ok.

(To HB2) You’re not a gay ah?

*HB2 shakes head*

OM: I’m a gay. He signal me la, if he don’t signal me, I won’t come la.

HB2: He doesn’t want to do anything. He doesn’t want anything to do with you.

OM: Ok, you want to impress, it’s ok, if you don’t want to impress it’s ok.

OM: Brother, thank you. *shakes HB2’s hand*

HB2: Alright, just stop all your nonsense ah.

OM: (raises tone) Not nonsense! Don’t use the word nonsense.

HB2: Ok, just stop then.

OM: Don’t use the wrong word ok? My friend, ah. He signal me, he don’t signal me, I don’t go.

OM: He’s a f*cking gay, he signal me, he say to the girl, he signal me like that (mimics the alleged signalling gesture).

OM: You want to be… if he don’t signal over, I don’t go.

HB2: Ok, fine.

Older man: You need a f*ck, I also need a f*ck tonight. Ah, He signal me, if he no signal me, I don’t go.

OM: You go and see la, the pink what, I hero there, I champion, ok. If he don’t signal me, I don’t come. Then he signal me, you want to come to my place?

HB2 stands in front of younger man.

HB2: Bro, you ok?

YM: Yeah I’m ok.

OM: He’s a f*cking gay, he signal me, I go, if he don’t signal me, I don’t come.

*Incoherent* of the day, I’m a big time gay ok. I also pay them a lot of money one, not free one.

You signal me, then you come and talk nonsense.

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