Long-tailed macaque cuts open durian with teeth & bare hands, feasts on it like a boss

We also want some.

By Zhangxin Zheng | April 21, 2017

A quirky video showing a monkey (long-tailed macaque) savouring an entire durian on its own has been circulating online.

If you have not seen it, watch it here:

In the video, onlookers watching the monkey from a distance were all highly impressed by this scene, commenting in Teochew excitedly about how the monkey managed to hold and open up the durian, despite its sharp thorny shell.

From the empty shells that no longer had any traces of durian flesh, you can pretty much guessed how it liked its durian feast.

The long-tailed macaques are native to Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia. Their diet is pretty varied so they feed on fruits (yes including durians), leaves, small mammals and birds, shellfish and crabs in the wild.

The long-tailed macaques are highly adaptable so they are likely to be “the most successful primate species in Southeast Asia”, besides us — Homo sapiens.

That is also troubling as they do not shy away from human-beings and would accept food that we feed them which might alter their behaviour and lead to conflicts like what happened in Segar, Bukit Panjang.

Top photo from screenshot of Our Singapore video

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