Kind-hearted Grab driver gives nasi lemak & curry puffs to young mom, reminding her to take care of herself

'Remember miss, you must take care of yourself first before you can take care of your child.'

By Guan Zhen Tan | April 20, 2017

Grab, the private-hire car and car-sharing app has its fair share of stories about drivers who go the extra mile. (Pun intended.)

Remember this driver’s car which has all sort of freebies, ranging from cigarettes, drinks to free charging?

Well, there’s this driver, who doesn’t want to be identified as we understand he wants to keep his good deed private, and whose car isn’t as well-stocked, but his kind actions filled a passenger’s heart with warmth and stomach with food.

In case you can’t see the embedded post, here’s the photo and the story that accompanied it.

Photo from Lin Cruz’s Facebook post

Facebook user Lin Cruz was on her way to the National University Hospital, and being a mother, she talked to the driver about parenthood.

Asking whether she ate, she replied that she hadn’t as she didn’t have time to do so.

Then, the driver insisted on giving her curry puff and nasi lemak which he bought from Bedok Corner, assuring her that it was halal.

Despite feeling embarrassed and rejecting his offer multiple times, he persisted, and she finally accepted his offer. He gave advice to her too:

“Remember miss, you must take care of yourself first before you can take care of your child. He needs you now so make sure you eat something first ok. It’s just food, I can buy more for myself later.”

His words caused the young mother to shed a tear, being deeply moved by his actions.

After she thanked him profusely, the driver explained that he empathised with her situation as he is a parent too.

“Eh don’t worry about it, just helping a first-time mom feel better. I’m a parent too, so I know how it feels. Please eat some food ok Miss.”

We hope we’ll see more kind and thoughtful Grab drivers like this guy. Thumbs up man!


Top image via Lin Cruz’s Facebook post

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