Here's the transcript of the Tiong Bahru Owndays incident which led to arrest of Bracelet Lady

A lot of cursing.

Nyi Nyi Thet | April 04, 2017, 10:14 PM

By now, you might have seen the video of the seemingly unreasonable customer hitting staff members at an eyewear shop in Tiong Bahru.

What appeared to be a disgruntled customer lashing out at poor service, apparently has more to it.

Owndays declined to give further comment on this case, other than they have referred it to the police.

According to a comment by the Singapore Police Force to queries, a 45-year-old woman involved in this incident has been arrested.

Here's the video:


Here's a transcript of the entire encounter.

Bracelet Lady (BL): What take video. Watch it, you better ask the Chinese girl to stop hitting me. You understand that. Enough, I had enough already. I enough.

*Proceeds to walk away, but walks right back*

BL: Call, call the police, go and call the police. You think what, I scared?

I enough, i enough already... of hitting.

*Hits staff*

*Bracelet flies off into store room*

BL: Eh, go and find for me my bracelet, go, eh, go and find, eh go and find for me my bracelet, go, go and find

Helpful bystander 1 (HB1): Everything ok?

BL: I'm done with these Chinese girls, they keep hitting me everywhere in this neighbourhood.

Go and find for me, my bracelet, go.

Bloody idiot, you Chinese girls. Quick, my bracelet.

You bloody f*cking Chinese girls in my neighbourhood.

Staff: I already call the police.

BL: Go, go and call police.

Go and call the *incoherent word* go and call the MP.

HB1: Relax relax relax, anything else? Relax.

BL: What the f*ck

*One of the staff appears to say somehthing*

Camerawoman (CW): (To staff) Don't say anything.

BL: What, what, what now?

Come here, come here!

CW: Keep quiet, (To staff) I'm sorry I got you into this.

Staff: It's ok.

HB1: Relax relax.

BL: F*cking words, you know?

Ask this Chinese, this f*cking Chinese girl to stop hitting me in the neighbourhood, you hear me or not.

*Makes way to where CW and staff is*

CW: Please stop her, please.

BL: Watch it, you watch it.

I have enough of this nonsense.

CW: (To security) Please come here.

BL: Ask this Chinese, this f*cking Chinese girl to stop hitting me in the neighbourbhood.

CW: (To security guard) Can you please come here please?

We don't know, she just start hitting people for no reason.

BL: I'm also telling you the same thing you bloody idiot, stop hitting me for no reason.

Helpful bystander 2 (HB2): Eh please ah, assaulting already.

BL: Who am i insulting?

HB2: You assault, you assault her. You assault her.

BL: The f*ck do you think you are doing.

Helpful bystander 3 (HB3): *Gets in her way* Eh calm down, calm down.

BL: Stop interrupting me!!

HB3: Eh relax, relax.

BL: You f*cking bastard. The f*ck you think you are doing?

HB2: You assault her for what?

BL: I ask you the same question, why is she assaulting me for no reason, hitting me all over the place.

HB3: Miss, what happen?

BL: You ask me what happen. I'm done with this nonsense, you hear me or not?

HB3: Sorry Ma'am what happen please?

BL: What? you never hear what I'm shouting at all ah?

HB3: I know, but everything can talk, don't need to shout.

BL: Then why you ask me what's happening? Bloody hell.

HB3: Cool down, cool down, cool down, cool down, cool down.

Sit down first.

Cool down, cool down.

Security Guard: Do you have a CCTV?

CW: I don't know, I'm not a cust... I'm only a passenger (passerby).

BL: I'm also a passenger, stop f*cking hitting me.

Eh go and get for me, my bracelet now.

HB3: Excuse me, now what is happening, is something missing or what?

BL: My bracelet is missing? Go and get it, it's inside!

Security guard: Where you missing, ma'am?

BL: I'm just telling you, i put it... it just went inside! Go and get my bracelet, it's black in colour.

Security Guard: (To staff) Can you follow me?

HB3: Can someone follow (To one of the staff) and show... things?

BL: (To staff) Watch it ah, I'm telling you, watch it.

HB3: Cool down, cool down.

BL: Go and find the bracelet, give it to me now.

*Turns to camerawoman*

BL: You stop checking the video, you hear me, are you checking the video, stop checking the video.

HB2: Eh, just take, just take.

BL: F*ck you!

HB3: Cool down, cool down Ma'am.

HB2: What?

BL: What the f*ck is this? What the f*ck?

You dare to do that again, I kill you *unintelligble yelling*

I will sue you in court. I will sue you in court!

HB2: Never mind, never mind, take only, call the police.

Bl: Go, go call the police, go.

HB2: You don't go anywhere you know, the police coming.

BL: I am not going anywhere, ask them to come.

HB2: Ah yes, you stay, you stay.

HB3: Who's the management here? Who's the management here? Who's the boss here? Ask your boss to come and settle this thing.

And then ah, don't let the staff stand here.

BL: You see, did you see my bracelet, do you see my bracelet, you see, do you see, where my bracelet is coming from. Where my bracelet is coming from?

HB3: Ok, cool down, ok, cool down. You cool down first.

You go sit down first. Cool down.

HB3: *In Chinese* Who's the boss? Ask the boss to come.

BL: Take my bracelet, put it inside your shop, you still ask me.

HB3: Close the shop, call the boss down.

Security Guard: We need to contact our in charge la, our security in charge.

*The helpful bystanders make sure the security guard has it covered and leave*

BL: Take my bracelet, put it inside your shop, still can ask me?

They (Staff) must have put it there.



It appears as if the staff weren't even aware who the lady was.

She appears to have assaulted a woman, who ran into the shop to seek help, the bracelet lady followed them into the shop, and started this encounter.

As for the bracelet, it appeared to be a non-issue till she accidentally flung it into the store room while wailing on the staff member.

Owndays has since released a statement on their official Facebook page with regards to the incident, stating that a female shopper had entered the Owndays outlet to evade the Bracelet Lady, who had turned aggressive towards her.

Dear all friends of OWNDAYS,

Last evening, an incident took place at our shop in Tiong Bahru Plaza. A female shopper came into our shop to hide from another lady who had become aggressive. Two of our team members attempted to assist the shopper and were assaulted by the aggressive lady. Our colleagues had been brave and maintained their professionalism despite repeated assaults by the angry lady. The police is currently investigating the matter and we are seeking legal advice.

A video of the incident had been shared online. We have since received many heartening messages from members of the public voicing concerns for our colleagues. We wish to thank you for your words of encouragement and kind concern. We would like to reassure you that the wellbeing and safety of every member of our team have always been a priority. Most importantly, we would like to commend our two very courageous colleagues who stood up for others in this unfortunate incident. Thank you and bravo girls!

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