Guy “proposing” to girl at Artbox might be the only good thing to have happened there


By Nyi Nyi Thet | April 17, 2017

Artbox Singapore hasn’t exactly taken our little red dot by storm.

Complaints of the venue being overcrowded and poor variety of goods have cast a dampener over the event.


So, not the greatest start to an event.

But it was in the midst of these high density tents that young love bloomed.

Twitter user Shihan posted this video of him “proposing” on stage.

Sure, he was proposing to her to be his girlfriend, but still, awww.

Most shared the awww sentiment.

But one brought up a valid point.

Luckily she said yes, if not it would have added to the overall aura of helplessness and doom that is Artbox.

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