Ever wonder how public bus drivers go home when bus services stop running at night?

Another of life's mysteries solved.

By Mandy How | April 28, 2017

Ever wondered how our bus uncles/aunties on night shifts get themselves to work and home? This video by SMRT has all the answers to your question.

It’s called the Worker’s Transport, where a designated driver will pick the bus drivers up from their homes at the start of their shifts, and send them home when it ends. It’s like a school bus of sorts.

The driver interviewed reveals that he starts work at 12am, and drives in four shifts: 1am, 2am, 430am, and 530am. He even has the addresses of the other drivers memorised.

So basically, other bus captains send our bus captains home. Which begs the question: do the bus captains then send the Worker’s Transport bus captains home?

Watch the full interview here:


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